T-Rex Inks

We are a small, artistic, family-run business dedicated to bringing you the best quality premium alcohol ink sets, kits & art supplies around! Hailing from beautiful and quaint Olalla, Washington on the Puget Sound, T-Rex Inks was founded by myself, resin artist Tiffani Buteau, and my husband Stephen. I am the T, and he is the Rex. Together, we found a way to bring to the market what we couldn’t find on the market, affordable, high-quality inks that have robust color and come in a hefty-sized pack. We have always been of the mind that if you can’t find it, make it! After years of working with the material, I understood very well what I would want ideally, so we set about sourcing it and designing the pack. After vigorous testing of the prototypes, we are very happy to bring T-Rex Alcohol Inks to the world!

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