Lefranc Bourgeois

Painting is a way of expressing emotions. Taking into account the deep connection between people and painting, Lefranc Bourgeois continuously strives to develop not just colours, but materials that become emotions.

It took Lefranc Bourgeois more than 300 years of research, experimentation and close-knit collaborations with artists to develop materials that give painters the power to free their emotions: the purest colours, additives that transform every hue into emotional materials, and the tools and accessories that make this possible.

300 years of history, research and close-knit collaborations with past, present and up-and-coming artists have enabled Lefranc Bourgeois to develop a complete range of paints and accessories which adapt and evolve according to the needs of each passionate artist.

Since the very beginning, Lefranc Bourgeois has aimed to guide every passionate artist every step of the way and strives to perfect and enhance their practice, whatever their level, ambitions and painting techniques.

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