Founded in 1557 in Annonay in France, and still producing its paper in its mills, Canson has inherited 500 years of savoir-faire in paper and a strong innovative tradition which have made it the world leader of fine art paper. From the invention of the hot air balloon in 1782 to the first photo paper in 1865, and passing by tracing paper, coloured paper, inkjet fine art, and photo paper in the meantime, Canson has been researching and innovating for artists for over 450 years.

Canson paper has been used by the greatest creative minds: Delacroix, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Dali, Gustave Le Gray, Blanquart-Evrard, Warhol, Alberola, Philippe Starck, and Yan Pei-Ming, to name a few.

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